Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Sun Is Out!! The Sun Is Out!!


After four days of rain and almost no bee activity, the bugs were ready to go.
The day started with clear skies, a little chilly but the bees did not care.
The rains have left for a couple days and there was work to do.

Everyone was on the move. The low numbers from yesterday have changed to a hive full of activity

There was pollen

And pollen

Amd more pollen

It looked like everyone had pollen.

I have never seen this much pollen coming in at one time. It seemed like very third bee was had full saddle bags of pollen. Most of it was yellow but there was some blue/white pollen also.
The bees seem happy to be back at work. Normally one or two will come to check me out when I am shotting but not this time. It seems there was real work to do before the next rain in three days.
Can Spring be far away?

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Dee Carlson said...

I am enjoying reading your posts. Here in Iowa spring seems very far away and we just hope we have some hives that make it through this winter. Last year was our first year of beekeeping and we were able to catch 2 feral swarms from 2 different neighbors. Both of them did well. I just started a blog at
Stop by sometime!