Saturday, January 30, 2010

Open The Door

For a long time I have had the entrance restriction board in place. Recently the entry seems to be very crowded. I put the board in place back in November when I thought there might be some robbing going on but that is not happening. Late last night, 9PM, I removed the restriction board and I was surprised to find a couple bees hanging out in that area and moving some, not much but some. I thought they would all be inside and sleeping.
You can see where the board rested by the dirt marks to the sides of
the entry way. There is no dirt where the bees have been going in and out for the last few months. Most of them still use the old entry area but there are now bees using the full width of the landing entry.
The bees are moving in and out in waves. I need to check the upper super very soon. It was empty when I checked the last time but they should be expanding with all this activity.

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