Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January Bees

It is the start of the new year and Santa brought be a much better camera, Canon Rebel XSi. A very nice Santa. The weather today in Southern California is pretty good for this time of the year, hovering around 71 deg. What better excuse does one need to go visit the hive and see how the girls are doing. This time of the day, 12:30PM , things are hopping.

Cleared for landing.

Incoming flight.

What is the password

Keep moving.

Where is flight control?

Is anyone in charge here?

A bit of pollen coming in

Hurry up you guys I have a full load, make room down there.

Bringing home the bacon.. bee bacon.

So Cal Yellow Pollen.
Good for what ails you.
Can honey be far behind?
Happy New Year
From the Bees In The Dale.


Steven C. said...

Fantastic pictures! I have the same camera, and mine don't turn out nearly as good. What lens did you use?

Dennis In The Dale said...

I used the long one (55-25mm)from about 5 ft away. I started from about 5 ft but I was leaning in a lot too. These are the first pix I have take with it and I vary happy with it. I was trying very hard to get the pollen bearers but my favorite is the first one.

Dennis In The Dale said...

I have also switched to Picasa to work with my pictures. These pictures are 3.5-5megs when I take them. Picasa lets me re-size, upload and watermark in one operation. I store them on Flickr but those are smaller sizes.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Great job (and the captions are hilarious). I use Picasa too and love it. For a free program, it ain't too bad!

patricia said...

Nice photos, Unka Bee! I love capturing their wings spread and in flight, like you did in the first photo.

I think your Santa is very nice too.