Saturday, March 6, 2010

Farmlab Hive Inspection 2/28/10

2-28-10 Farmlab Hive#1
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Last week after the main bee meeting was over, Kirk inspected the hives at Farmlab. He had hoped to install a nuc of bees into this hive but some low-life absconded with nuc box and five frames of bees over night. It turned the bees were down in number but were moving forward and bringing in honey and pollen and the queen was producing. There were brood and drone cells even though we never spotted the queen.
Pardon the angles but Kirk was working in a small space trying to educate too many people.
The Farmlab meetings grow each time and there are a lot of new people with lots of questions. Hands on view was very helpful to them.

I have another video but it takes hours for me to get a 3 minute video up and that one is twice as long. If this post works well, expect the other one to show up.

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