Sunday, March 7, 2010

Farmlab Hive Inspection #2

Farmlab Hive Inspection #2
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This hive's bee population is much larger than #1 and so is the video which brings up another point. The video is seven minutes long.. oops, it was originally seven minutes long but appears to have been truncated when I worked with. It is now shorter but still took next to forever to upload, Until I find another method of uploading videos they will be limited severely by length. I will explore the issue and improve things, suggestions are very welcome.

Back to the bees. I had to edit a bit of the video to make it fit Flickr. When it starts Kirk has just removed some paper & sugar baggie off the frames. He had added a pollen patty and the sugar water to help the hive during the wet weather and the bees had sealed them in place with propolis which Kirk is removing as the video starts.
It is amazing how calm the bees are with Kirk pulling apart their house(s) and twenty or so people crowded around trying to get looks. The only person stunk was Kirk who was not using gloves but the bees never showed an aggressive attitude to anyone else. I suspect the bee that stung Kirk got smushed when he was handling the frames (for our benefit) thanks Kirk.

As mentioned in the videos, show up at the next Backwards Beekeepers meeting and bring your bee suit or hat & veil plus long sleeeves. We may be going into the hives again to show novices how quickly a hive can expand when the nectar flow is going strong.

A little help please.
I took a very quick peek intro my hive the other day, it was just a lift-the-lid-and-close-it glance. These are officially the Twitchy Bees and I did not have my bee suit on. I was amazed at all of the activity inside and need to make a fuller inspection soon. Anyone who in the area South of LAX who would like to give me a hand is welcome. I would love to document the process for the blog and an extra set of of hands would be beneficial. I will be doing this as the weather gets warmer. My recent plans have been delayed by the weather and trying to get my girl dog pregnant. That little job will be finished on Wed 3/10 but I have another dog event scheduled over the following weekend. You can see what that involves by going to my other site Duffy's Cavern and it does not involve bees but there be rats present. If you want to assist with the inspection use the Contact Me link off to the right of the page and we can work out a date and time.

One other request, can any of your Bloggers out thre assist me in getting rid of the Public Service announcements on the blog and getting the ads back. I have tried every hint I have found on the support pages to no good result. I want my ads back!!

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