Thursday, October 2, 2014

When It Gets Hot, Help The Bees.

It was 97 outside, the 111 refers to the window directly in the sunlight. This is close to the beach and 97 is an extreme temperature for the area.

I keep a pot with water and corks for landing pads for the bees. When the temps get up it requires topping off very often.  There are pebbles in the bottom and they do collect algae but the bees do not seem to mind.  The little rubber tube goes to a small tank pump that keeps the water circulating and mosquitoes do not lay eggs in moving water.

As I was taking pictures I noticed something reflecting light in an area where I had not splashed any water.  Close examination revealed it to be nectar flowing out of the hive before it got cured and capped.  I left it for the bees to fix and later tonight I will go out and wash off the area to try and not attract ants.   Robbing will be issue enough without ants added to the mix.
The nectar was dribbling out one side of the entry and down to the ground

Make sure they have water available when it gets hot.  These bees ignore this source when it is not hot but come looking for water when the temps hit 90 or so.

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