Friday, May 28, 2010

Bump The Blog on Bee Eggs

There are netbots or something similar that check the blogs and send out missives if a blog is updated.  For some reason my latest blog with the bee egg pictures is not showing on three different sites that normally list new posts. 
I have spent hours the last couple of days attempting to get that post to show up, all to no avail.  Maybe a new post will show up, that is what this is about.  I will include another picture of Tricia's bees since I am here but the best pictures are in the earlier post.  I have moved on to the latest Blogger editor, maybe that will help.  
We did need a shot of some bees too.  If this "bump" does not work, this post will go away.
The main intent is to get the pictures of the bee eggs noted.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bee Eggs

In the last post about Tricia's Bees, I had a picture of the bees on comb with eggs and larvae. Due to the way I loaded the pictures they are not full size and it may not be easy to see the eggs. Here are a blow up and also the original size photo. Click on the pictures to get a wider image.
Look in the cell just off the bee's wing tip.

Most of the cells above and along side the bees have larvae. The eggs are in the lower cells. The Queen tends to work in a circle pattern working towards the outside which is probably the reason for the location of the eggs and larvae.