Sunday, June 8, 2014


Having hidden bees in the city is not enough.  We have to get out and promote bee culture and inform the public when we can.  This was a "green" expo put on by the City of Torrance.  Laura brought her  bees and helped man the booth. 
Randy who ended up organizing our effort talking to Roberta.  Everyone came from the old Backwards Beekeepers but now belong to and.or Long Beach Beekeepers.  We cross pollinate between the groups to spread the bees news in Los Angeles.
What started out as a slow day got busy very quickly.  We had bees, pictures and samples of wax to show and offered free "local" honey tastings.   As I explained to most people who wanted to know where the honey came from, I could not testify it was from Torrance since the city does not allow bees.  But it was very, very local honey. Laura brought several package of small Popsicle sticks to use for tasting, about 200, and we ran out if them.

Laura brought a hive so the public could see how they are used.  Most people have no idea. having only seen stacks of "bee boxes" in orchards.
We had visitors from all over, including a Torrance Sister City in Japan. 

Every loved the taste of honey donated by Laura

Right next door was the chicken people.  they are trying to get city approval just like we are.  Bees and chickens had boards for comments which will get to the Cit council.
We even had a local bee stop by to sample the honey.   

Just keep those taster samples coming and you will get a crowd.  Next time we will be a little better organized and have some honey sticks to sell. 

 It was a good day, well attended and maybe we scored some more votes for bees in Torrance.

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