Thursday, March 31, 2011


Late yesterday the Bee Rescue got a call from Janice working at a construction site near LAX.  By that time the construction people were long gone.  I have her a call early this morning and went over.  The bees are next to the trailer on the left size.
This was a nice size swarm and had the prospect of a simple recovery.  I took my time to explain things to Janice who was very interested.

I suited up and got the few items I might need, nuc, sugar water and a plastic bottle scoop.  I was taking my time using this as an educational opportunity.  Janice went next door to get some of the man who were interested too.
I gave them a little spiel, looked at the bees and my first thought was "orientation flight" which made no sense at all.  Then the swam exit light came on.  It was over.

I got one close look and saw only two beads of hanging bees.  By the time I got my camera, only 20 feet away, they were basically gone.  Just like that in under 2 minutes they had good looking for a better home.  Today was very warm and very warm very early.  I should have sprayed them immediately instead of pontificating about bees.  They might have stayed long enough to collect.  Another day and another learning experience for the locals but the beekeeper too.  Sometimes you need to shut up and get to work.
I was slightly depressed and needed a perk so I went to Costco and bought my eMoto ecco 1.5 Electric bike.  It is still charging and will not be tested until tomorrow.  It will be a boon to my sad knees and I no longer have to hoist my leg over the center tube.  Yea!!
Yesterday I planted my Heirloom tomato crop for 2011.  That is how I got into bees.  I had tomatoes, added compost and worm programs and then heard Russel on the radio talking about bees.  Eight plants this year, Paul Robeson, Marianna's Peace, Cherokee Purple, Black, Brandywine, San Marizano, Oxheart and Fireworks.

Tomatoes to worms to bees and now an electric bike.. is this evolution?

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Anonymous said...

Oh well buddy, live and learn! Its like last year when I picked up the swarm from the high school, got them home, hived them, put the feeder on -- and watched them leave an hour later for a nearby pine tree. Bees have minds of their own!