Monday, March 21, 2011

A Couple Notes

The Backwards Beekeepers meeting was yesterday where I planned to demo the Solar Wax Melter but the weather did not cooperate at all.  I had guessed this would happen so I processed  some of the Pierce Hive Capture comb earlier in the week.

This was after 3-4 hours of sunlight.  I left it for a couple more days and it reduced more.
This was old comb and very dark, it does not produce much wax and you end up with all the dark stuff on the paper filter.  That is slumgum.  It does not look good and you could throw it way.  Don't do that unless you have a lot of it.  The slumgum and the underlying paper make excellent swarm lure.  Just tear off a piece and put it in a hive that is empty.  You might get a swarm with out any work or using a Bee Vac.

Speaking of the Bee Vac, Rob of Bushkill Farms was the originator of the first Bee Vac I saw and his plans were the inspiration for the one made for me.  Rob is now selling his Bee Vac and has a website where you can order one.  If your woodworking skills are limited and you need a Bee Vac, this is a fine option for you.  Do check out the discussion of the Bee Vac on his regular site.  There are a number of observations that might be helpful if you want to make your own.

On the lighter side, check out Max Wong's blog, My Roman Apartment and her adventure playing a beekeeper in a Kashi commercial.  It has not been aired yet.  Watch for  it.


Randy said...


I didn't attend the meeting, so maybe I'm not entitled to the details, but if you don't mind:
What is the paper beneath the wax?
Is that water in the wax catching pitcher?
What is the cooler cover?


Randy said...

Also, my bee mentor said slumgum is good smoker material. Have you tried it?


Dennis In The Dale said...

This is a high tech piece of equipment. Use only the best paper towels or the one next you.

Slumgum is mainly old wax and wax burns so it would do fine in a smoker.
You can use the slumgum or the paper it is and both will work. You can also use both of them as swarm lures. Slumgum looks bad but smells great.

Randy said...

Slumgum as a swarm lure? Hmnn, I'll have to try it out. thanks.