Friday, August 14, 2009

What Next?

I am still seeking some advice on the empty hive. When I post the next set of pictures you will see a little more Wax Moth evidence. I have some questions I am seeking answers for.

1) Should I leave the empty comb there for a new set of bees to use?

2) Should I cut it down to a minimal strip of wax at the top and remove the rest?

I have twenty frames with wax on most of them. With evidence of Wax Moth normally I would freeze the frames but I can fit only one frame at a time in my freezer. At 24 hours each that will take a long time.
3) Has any one used dry ice to freeze the frames? I have a couple nuc boxes and each could handle 5 frames they can be done with the freeze in 2 days instead of 20. Does that sound like a workable solution?

5) Aside from the frames do I need to do anything to the hive boxes and the bottom and top boards other than clean them up and remove the debris?

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