Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Wee Hive

In order to keep names straight this will be named the Wee Hive because it is so small and out of respect for a past member of the household

This is how they were set for the first night in the new location.

Last night in the dark I added a baggie of 1:1 sugar water and put a couple slits in the bag. This is my first try at supplemental feeding and I would have been better doing it in the daylight. I used a gallon baggie which was too large and the slits were too big. A few bees drowned in the syrup, not what a small group needs. This morning I swapped it for a quart size with smaller slits. While I was there I noticed a couple bees slipping out the back side of the nuc so I taped over all the openings.

I also taped over part of the opening so they could protect it better if necessary.

The temperatures are very hot for this area. We have managed to miss summer heat all Summer long but it has shown up this weekend. This looks like the bees are trying to cool down the hive with their wings.

When I am done here I will go out and prop the lid open just enough for air but not intruders. The nuc does not seem to have that good ventilation and I do not want to provide any excuse of these guys to leave. If it looks like they are going to stay I will pick up a wooden nuc which should be a better habitat than the cardboard.

Just enough extra air to make things better.

And fewer bees out front, I got very close and nothing there looks like a queen so maybe they are happier. I have noticed that their guard bees do come up and check my head very often. I hope I will become accepted at some point.

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