Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life With Bees

Hi, welcome to The Buzz In The Dale.

I am very new, very very very new to beekeeping and I do not have any bees yet. They are coming and should be in place in the next week or so. In fact you can see where I think they are coming from at the BACKWARD BEEKEEPERS BLOG,
Look at the section entitled "Trapout Illustrated."

Take nothing I say here as gospel, I have just read or heard it. I have no real experience to back up it. This is the journey of a novice

I have just finished "waxing" my frames. To give the bees a place they like to start, a strip of wood is attached to the top of the frame. As it happens the slot is perfect to use a paint stir stick, about 1.5 sticks each frame. Home Depot frames fit very nicely but have all that orange paint (not to complain to much, they are free.). Lowe's paint sticks are sort of useless, too thin, too fragile but they will work if you have no other option. Wrap a couple folds of newspaper around the edge and they can be made to fit. The beeswax seems to hold them in securely.

After looking at a number of web pages on hive construction, I found something that should work better and look better too. (I assume bees appreciate quality workmanship).
Check the moldings in the lumber section of the store. Look for an "L" shaped piice, mine was called corner molding. Cut it to size, apply glue and clamp until secure.

This costs more but I have used up my supply of paint sticks at the local store and I do not want to be nabbed for grabbing 5-6 sticks every time I am at Home Depot. If you don't mind that, go ahead.


Dennis In The Dale said...

On the Backwards Keeper page, that is not me on the roof. I don't go there any more. More than three feet off the ground and I start to get nervous. Nervous around bees is not good.

Dennis In The Dale said...

Once I get my full bee suit, there will be a new picture that does not look so much like the UniBee-er.

Anonymous said...

FYI - bees also lust for dry martinis.
L JimBob

Dennis In The Dale said...

Then I have found soul mates I do not have to marry.