Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting started

I was driving somewhere and happened to have the radio tuned to KPCC-FM when Kirk Andcrson of Backwards Beekeepers was being interviewed. (Backwards because he recommends going backwards away from modern methods using chemicals and artificially bred queens. He traps feral bees and shares them.)

I have enough room for a garden, mainly heirloom tomatoes, raise worms for their by-products and do some composting. I am not a green maniac but I tend to lean that why when I have the choice.
Bees??? Sounded like a natural fit. I had this idea that someone would show up , install a hive, care for it and give me honey. Oh,sure. That can happen but not this time.

As fate would have it my niece, Tricia, in Oakland, CA, was just starting on her bee adventures and had actually done some homework. She gave me some good advice. Check the web and get a reference book. Beekeeping for Dummies is a good book for beginners, it is readily available and is written so the novice can understand things. There are other good books out there but Istarted with Dummies and have recommended it to others.
I read most of it and decided to go forward.

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