Wednesday, August 17, 2011

San Gabriel Mission Video

This is Randy up in the bee chamber on the first day.   This space houses the bellows of the Church Organ. This is unedited video shot while Randy cut comb and I was about 20 feet below on solid ground.  When he moves the camera around, about 60 sec in, you will see a the marks left by previous hives that has called this space home.  Someone needs to seal this space up better when we are done this time.  

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Dennis In The Dale said...

After our final trip to the bee space Randy scrapped down all the ancient cob off the walls. The next day Jose sealed the entire area with a giant piece of screen. No more access for the bees. At some point the Mission will remove the wood doors and replace them with new doors and frame. The wood in place now may be original to the Mission, at the least it is very old.