Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sacred Bee Project

The San Gabriel Mission has a bee problem and placed a call to the Backwards Beekeepers Bee Rescue Hot Line.  I went out yesterday to check it out.

This side of the Mission has the cemetery for many of the clergy who served here from the beginning.

Access is limited to a ladder and climbing 12 feet up to the chamber that used to service the belfry, fallen long ago after many earthquakes.   That is Chuck from the Mission on the ladder, not me.
The bees are one side of the space now.

It looks like there was a bee hive on the other side of the space at one time
After checking out the job I hope to organize a capture of the bees in a couple of weeks.  I need to find Beeks who do not mind ladders and who can fit into the space where the bees are.  I fail on both counts.  I am too tall to fit comfortably and going up ladders is not my forte.  Stings are not a problem for me but ladders are. 

 After checking out the bee site, Chuck of San Gabriel Mission took me on a tour of the gardens and spaces to look for a good site for a bee hive.  He would prefer they stay at the Mission, but not in the Mission.  He considers the Mission a sanctuary, even for bees,  We have located a couple areas where a bee hive is not likely to come into contact with the many tourists that come to the Mission on a daily basis.

EDIT:  Since i live a long way from the Mission, they will be looking for a volunteer to be the Official (maybe sanctified) Beekeeper of Mission San Gabriel Archangel if the hive is established there.  Someone living in the area will do and it can be new beek.  Just think of the blessings you will get and you can keep the Holy Honey too.

Watch this space for an update on the Bees In The Belfry.  Anyone interested in helping with this project can contact me through this site or using the Backwards Beekeepers Mentors list
Bear in mind that access will be 12 feet up a ladder and the actual working space is limited,
The target date for now is the first Saturday of August.

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