Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring Is On The Way

No bees here but these little daffodils were planted 5-6 years ago and this is the first time they have bloomed.  They deserve the spotlight.
This is the main target for the bees right now.  I think they are my bees but I cannot tell.  This kind of lavender seems to have blooms all year long and I have plants very close to the hives.
Just like the Field of Dreams, plant it and they will come.
It must be very good nectar or maybe the only nectar close by.

Getting good sharp shot of bees is difficult.  What you see if the best of 90 pictures.
Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!  Who is this?  It looks like a small praying mantis is hanging around in the lavender.  Click on the picture to make it a little larger.   Do they like bees?

Betty keeps an eye on all things that fly but she no longer gets too close to bees.  One time with buzzers caught in her fur was enough. She is fearless, not stupid.  Cairn Terriers Rule.

 Spring is rapidly approaching in So Calif but the weather now has been cool, warm, hot, wet, you name and you get it.  That makes it hard on the bees at the moment but they are out working every chance they get. 

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