Thursday, April 22, 2010

All In The Family

There are skills they do not teach you at beekeeping school that you have to learn on your own. Climbing a chain link fence is a bee suit is one of them. This is my Niece from Nor California who got her first hive of bees shortly before I did. We did this independently of each other, it must have been some genetic connection.

This is her adventure and you can read it in her words on her blog, Wonder Farm and she does have more pictures there.

I had a trip set last week and originally planned to give her the swarm I had recently captured. I was a little concerned about hauling them in the back of my truck for 8 hours. Things worked out much better this way. We each have new swarms that are already localized and seem to be thriving. Once I make some more wax starter strips I will be adding another super to my swarm. Then I may look for another locale for them. The bee area in my back yard is rather congested with two hives. They get along just fine but I need to move around back there without being constantly dived bombed by bees returning to the hives.
She did mention about her bees being legal, that is not quite the case here on the Dark Side of Beekeeping in the City. A lower profile is much better around here..

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