Thursday, September 10, 2009

Natural Honey by Kirk

One of the reasons to have bees.

This is some of Kirks Lakeview Terrace Natural Honey. I get credit for the bread.
I will not be getting any honey from my hive until next year (if they decide to stay).
You can see how Kirk processes his honey at the Honey Harvest.
Anyone in the Los Angeles area can purchase his honey at his website Kirk's Urban Bees.
Or you can show up at a meeting of the Backwards Beekeepers. The next meeting should be on Sept 20 at the FarmLab in downtown LA, 1745 North Spring St. It is in the building immediately adjacent to the bridge. Look carefully and look for plants and such.
This will be the first meeting held at Farmlab so check the Backwards site to confirm the date and location before showing up.

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