Monday, May 25, 2009


This morning while I was adding some worm juice to my tomato plants this guy showed up.
Click on the image to see him in the right corner.

Very carefully he went to every flower on most of the tomato plants and checked them out one at a time.
I have no idea what kind of bee it is. I am used to seeing black and yellow stripe bumble bees but this one is almost totally black.

I think it is the same one I spotted the other day in the general hive area but it did not go near the hive and the bees there did not see in attack mode.
It is much larger than the honey bees, about the size of the end segment of my thumb and just about as big around.

And there are other visitors in the hood.

Who are these little guys? They showed up while I was out of town, lots of evidence on the tomato leaves that they seem to like this particular perch. Dark brown or black with a tan or dusty breast and peaked head feathers ala Cardinals. The one on the left stayed there while the other looked for bugs or something.

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